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Dragonwell is considered to be the most favourite and expensive green tea in China due to its legendary history and background. Produced in West Lake, Hangzhou, Dragonwell came to the throne of green tea because of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qian-lung. During his southern visit to Hangzhou from the Peking palace, he was astounded by the unique chestnut and mung bean flavour of the tea as well as its awakening and energizing effect. He even appointed the spring that was used to brew the tea The Royal Spring, and hence the name Dragonwell was born. 


Every spring, Chinese tea lovers are longing for the Pre-Qing Ming (harvested before 5th April) dragonwell as after the long winter, the delicate spring buds have absorded a lot of nutrients and so the best flavour.


The color of the tea is pale yellow. It has obvious roast, chestnut and bean fragrance. Perfect for morning drinking.


Origin: Hangzhou, China










龍井 朝霧 Dragon Well Morning Mist

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