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【滋補養腎 美顏解膩】


What is Black Bean? Black beans are about the size of a pea, with the slightly less pronounced boat shape common to kidney beans.

Black bean is considered to be beneficial to the health of kidneys, hair, blood circulation and skin. It contains high level of anthocyanins, which can help prevent aging and good for eyes. Black bean can also help improve coldness of limbs, detoxify and calm down the mood.

What is Hojicha?Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that is roasted after the leaves are steamed. It gives hojicha's earthy aroma, and a unique smoky taste. Since it is low in caffeine, hojicha is the perfect alternative to coffee for those seeking a warm and toasty drink in the afternoon or evening.


Benefits of Black Bean:

  • Maintaining Healthy bones
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Managing diabetes
  • Warding off heart disease
  • Healthy digestion
  • Weight loss


How to Prepare:


Add about 250ml of hot water to the tea bag, steep for 1 minute, and then drink it, cold or hot.


Made in Hong Kong 【Japanese Ingredients】

Contain 10 Packets Whole Leaf Tea Sachets (Plant fibres pyramid tea bag)

*Plant-fiber pyramid tea bags









  • 補腎強身
  • 健腸通便
  • 養肝明目
  • 舒緩眼睛疲勞
  • 補血安神
  • 改善四肢冰冷
  • 烏髮養顏
  • 預防衰老
  • 嫩白皮膚






10個散裝茶包入 原片茶葉(植物纖維三角茶包)


椿華堂 10 黑豆焙茶 茶包 | CHAFADO 10 Black Bean Houjicha Tea Bag


    Free Shipping Over HK$280

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