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Kukicha, or twig tea, is made of the twigs/stalks of sencha or gyokuro and tea leaves. The twigs give the tea a unique grassy and fresh sweetness. You can almost smell some grassy breeze from a meadow. This tea is suitable to drink in summer and in ice and has relatively lower caffeine.


Higher grade of kukicha is made of the twigs of gyokuro and is called Karigane. On top of the sweetness of kukicha, it has a bit of salty and umami flavour from the gyokuro. 


Made in Hong Kong

10Packeds Whole Leaf Tea Sachets (Plant fibres pyramid tea bag)


Origin: Shizuoka, Japan







十個茶包入 原片茶葉(植物纖維三角茶包)



椿華堂 06 玉露莖茶 茶包 | CHAFADO 06 Gyokuro Kukicha Teabag


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