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Sencha 03 Jade is a deep-steamed sencha (fukumushi-cha), specialty tea type developed in Tokyo region. Steamed longer than the usual sencha, this gives the tea distinct sweet taste and can endure high temperature of water without being bitter. As the steaming process is longer, the tea leaves are more powdery and hence the brewing time can be shortened. Suitable for fast-paced people and brewing in office. The color of the tea is deep green just like jade.


Origin: Shizuoka, Japan



煎茶03 滴翠 是一款深蒸煎茶(關東地區的特色茶款)。製作時比傳統煎茶蒸煮時間較長,令到茶湯格外濃厚甘甜,亦能以較高溫的水沖泡也不會有苦澀的味道。深蒸煎茶的茶葉較為呈粉狀,沖泡時間較短,特別適合生活節奏快的都市人及在辦公室沖泡。煎茶03 茶湯呈碧綠色,故命「滴翠」。




靜岡深蒸煎茶 滴翠 Deep-steamed Sencha Jade

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