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Awarded in the Japan National Tea Competition, this Uji sencha is made by the traditional Uji tea method. This tea is crystal clear with a thick texture, a hint of milky aroma, and astringent aftertaste, as fresh as a mountain breeze from a lush valley.


Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan


日本茶品評會 受賞極上宇治煎茶,以傳統的宇治茶方法製成,茶湯極輕清。初呷輕柔,襲以回甘,奶香餘韻,仿如似有還無的空山雲霧,如沐山風,故名「空山」。



受賞煎茶 空山 【日本茶品評會出品】 Champion Sencha Serene

日本江東堂手製茶罐Japan Handmade Tea Can

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