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This premium gyokuro is the highest quality competition-grade tea of this year produced by this tea farm. It is made of single-origin and cultivar gyokuro, one of the best in Japan, and also received a GI geography protection system.


Thirty days before harvest, this gyokuro is shaded by grass above the tea trees and on the soil to bring out the natural umami nutrients and aroma. Made of spring flush tea which accumulates a lot of nutrients through the long winter, this champion gyokuro is extremely sweet, umami, and fresh. A sip of this tea brings you the feelings of the ocean, sea breeze, and subtle nutty aroma. 


Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Variety: Saemidori

Packing: Japanese Wooden Gift Box




頂級八女傳統本玉露 太一,摘取新芽前三十天以人手用稻草覆蓋茶樹和泥土,令茶葉處於柔和的日光下,茶樹會天然分泌出豐富的鮮甜物質,並吸收來自稻草的營養和獨特的香氣,令這款八女傳統本玉露 雪芽極鮮味,帶有如海洋的清新味道和果仁的幽香。茶湯呈碧綠色,帶有厚度,如瓊漿玉液覆蓋口腔和舌頭,沁人心脾。


GI地理標誌保護製度:日本農林水産省為該地區的產品因應氣候、土壤等傳統生產方式和產區的特點, 將該等產品的名稱註冊和保護其知識產權的製度。




茶品評會出品 頂級八女傳統本玉露 太一 | Competition Grade Grand Cru Yame Gyokuro Polaris


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