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線香 殿上伽羅沉香(桐箱)

• 伽羅,一種罕見極上沉香木,僅在越南的有限地區生產。


外箱寸法 6.0×16.7×2.7cm




Kyoto Kungyokudo  Incense Shop has 400 years of history: Japan's oldest incense shop, located in front of  Kyoto renowned temple Nishi Honganji.


Karya Agarwood Incense (Wooden Box)

• Karya, a rare and supreme agarwood, produced only in limited areas of Vietnam.It is a fragrance full of natural luxury, inducing to a sense of deep and mysterious world.


Box: 6.0×16.7×2.7cm


*This is Pre-Order item. The ship-out is about 1-2 weeks after order. For details, we will liaise with you after order.*

殿上伽羅沉香線香Karya Agarwood Incense


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