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Wuyi Ruogui tea is a rock tea produced in the mountains. It is the top grade of oolong tea. The quality characteristics are: sweet and fragrant, without the bitterness of green tea, without the astringency of black tea. Yiqing, long taste and mellow.


In addition to the taste characteristics of rock tea, it is also loved by people for its pungent and long-lasting high-variety aroma. The aroma of cinnamon is obvious, the best one has a milky taste, and the aroma lasts for a long time, and there is still a lingering fragrance after brewing for four or five timees; the mouth is mellow and sweet, and the fragrance stays on the teeth and cheeks after swallowing; the soup is orange and clear, and the bottom of the leaves is yellow and bright. The red spots are bright, in the shape of green leaves and red soil edges; the cords are even, tightly knotted and curly, brown-green in color, oily and shiny, and there are small white spots like frog skin on the back of some leaves.


Oolong tea made with the method of making Wuyi rock tea ise a high-aroma variety of Wuyi rock tea. Cinnamon tea is produced in the famous Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. It was first named Cong in Wuyi Huiyuan, and another said it was originally produced in Mazhen Peak.


The Wuyishan tea area is a landscape scenic spot that combines the strange rocks and sea of clouds of Huangshan Mountain and the beauty of Guilin's landscape. Thirty-six peaks, surrounded by nine curved streams. The average altitude of the mountainous area is 650 meters, with red sandstone weathered soil, loose soil, high humus content, suitable acidity, abundant rainfall, clouds and mist in the mountains, mild climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, and rock springs trickle all year round. Tea trees grow in valleys and valleys. Due to heavy fog, short sunshine, and a lot of diffused light, the leaves of tea trees are fresh and tender.



武夷肉桂烏龍 Wuyi Rougui Oolong

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