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 山楂能減少自由基形成,有助抗衰老、促進皮膚健康、增強免疫系統和防止衰老。另外可助消脂、養顏瘦身、活血化瘀、緩解生理期不適和改善腸道細菌的功效。黑桑椹果含豐富的桑葚花青素,具滋陰養血,補益肝腎, 美容養顏, 清肝明目,烏黑亮髮,潤腸燥等好處。適合經常加班熬夜,睡眠質素欠佳,經常眼矇及疲倦人士





Hawthorn gum are made with hawthorn juice. Tastes sour, sweet and refreshing. Hawthorn is rich in vitamin C and carotene, which can help reduce formation of free radicals, promote skin health, strengthen the immunity and prevent ageing. It can also enhance digestion, and blood circulation.
Mulberry is rich in mulberry anthocyanins, tannic acid, vitamins B1, B2, C, and rutin. It is beneficial for the health of eyes, heart and cognitive system.


Net Weight 淨重|280克(g) [+/- 5%盒(box)]


椿華堂 黑桑葚野山楂條|CHAFADO Mulberry Hawthorn Gum

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HK$68.00Sale Price

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