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Assorted Japanese Tea Gift Set

6 cans of assorted tea including Premium Sencha 06 from Kyoto Uji, Sencha 03 Jade from Shizuoka, Houjicha Autumn Moon, Genmaicha

Wooden bark box wrapped with traditional Japanese paper.



六罐不同款的日本茶:京都宇治上煎茶06 吹雪|靜岡煎茶03 滴翠 | 焙茶秋月 | 玄米茶




#Online Store Only. Not Available in Physical Store.


#As this is artisanlly wrapped, for bulk purchase, the actual shipping will be longer than usual. Please contact us to understand the actual shipping time before order.



Assorted Japanese Tea Gift Set。日本茶禮盒


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