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Our Story

     Green Ginkgo Tea started its tea story from 2017.  

We want to bring our guests a cup of well-brewed tea, as well as an experience of a cool moment.

     Each cup of tea is brewed with hand-crafted techniques and teawares. Customers can interact with tea baristas to understand more about tea and let baristas understand their preferences.


    Green Ginkgo Tea’s premium tea are sourced mainly from Japan and China including awarded tea and rare tea that can surprise a tea lover. In order to bring out the best side of the tea, each pot of tea is brewed by our tea baristas using carefully adjusted techniques, teawares and water according to types of tea and weather conditions.


     A cool moment: enjoy and treasure the present.


Our Tea

     Green Ginkgo Tea’s premium Japanese tea are made from reowned tea masters in Shizuoka near Mount Fuji, where pristine volcanic water and mountain moist nurtures the tea trees there. Some of the best teas are even brewed with carefully selected spring water to fully unleash the flavours of the tea. Besides Shizuoka, some of our teas are also from highly regarded origins such as Uji in Kyoto and Kagoshima.

    In our collection, there is a wide selection of Sencha, Gyokuro, Kukicha, Hojicha, and Matcha picked by our tea baristas. All tea are brewed in its fresh status to assure our highest quality delivered.

      Chinese tea lovers can also find a wide selection of special tea sourcing from the best origins in China incluing high mountains in Sichuan, Chiu Chow of Canton Province, and Fujian Province, where traditionally the best tea are produced. 

      Our retail products are supplied by Hikaru Tea Limited at Shop 110, 1/F, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong. For wholesale enquiry, please contact

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