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The FRUSTUM artisanal teapot set is designed as a tea set adapted to modern home life to reiterate the virtues of tea. The switching edge in the middle of the clay bottle body is the core design of this product. It refers to the shape seen in traditional iron kettles made in the Tohoku region of Japan .

🔴 This teapot won the Reddot Design Award (Germany) in 2020.


This set includes:

1. ONE Tea Pot

2. TWO Tea Cups


Place of Origin: Toki City, Gifu, Japan

Color: black glaze/dawn pink(unglazed)/white indigo glaze
Size (teapot): W170 x D140 x H190mm / 800cc / 510g (weight includes net and handle)

Size (tea book): W72×D72×H90mm/220cc
Material: Porcelain
Set contents: clay bottle/tea strainer/metal handle

The clay bottle contains a tea strainer. The black glaze  are smooth and the unglazed and white indigo glaze have a certain degree of roughness. Please choose according to your lifestyle. 


Brass handle*: Made in Tsubame City, Niigata, Japan (The place where Japan’s traditional top metal utensils are made)
* Wipe gently with a dry cloth.

[Precautions for installing metal handles]

The width is a bit narrow at the beginning.
Hold both ends with both hands, unfold it slightly before inserting.
It can be installed smoothly by inserting it from the front or back.
Please note that if you spread it too much, the installation part may crack.


FRUSTUM 手工茶壺套裝的設計是用以適應現代生活的茶具,以重申茶的美德。粘土瓶身中間切換的邊緣是本產品的設計核心,它引用了長期以來在日本東北地區製造的鐵壺中看到的形狀。

🔴這款茶壺在 2020 年獲得紅點設計獎(德國)







顏色:黑釉/ 雲淡粉紅(素焼釉)/白靛釉
尺寸(茶壺):W170 x D140 x H190mm / 800cc / 510g(重量包括網和手柄)




黃銅手柄*:日本新潟燕市製造 (日本傳統頂級金屬食具製作地)
* 用乾布輕輕擦拭。


  • 開始時寬度有點窄。
  • 用雙手握住兩端,稍微展開後再插入。
  • 從前面或後面插入都可以順利安裝。
  • 請注意,如果您將其鋪開太多,安裝部分可能會破裂。

FRUSTUM Artisanal Teapot Set 【🔴Red Dot Design】。FRUSTUM 手工茶壺套裝【🔴Reddot Design】