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日本茶禮盒 四罐不同款的中國茶:春摘茉莉銀毫|高山茉莉香鳳凰單樅|桃灼烏龍|白牡丹 一隻鑲金邊櫻花品茗杯配高貴木盒綴以和紙。


Assorted Chinese Tea Gift Set Four cans of assorted tea including Premium Jasmine Silver Needle, High-Mountain Phoenix Oolong, White Peony and Phoenix Peach Oolong. A sakura-shaped tea glass with gold lining. Wooden box wrapped with traditional Japanese paper.



#Online Store Only. Not Available in Physical Store.


#As this is artisanlly wrapped, for bulk purchase, the actual shipping will be longer than usual. Please contact us to understand the actual shipping time before order.

Assorted Chinese Tea & Teaware Gift Set。中國茶和茶具禮盒


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