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北野の紅梅 X 1
• 初春的北野,在小雪中綻放出紅色的高貴紅梅。


宇治の抹茶 X 1
• 宇治茶園的美麗,茶樹的條紋圖案一直延伸到山的邊緣。

醍醐の桜 X 1
• 當你走在一排櫻花樹上,你會被從天而降的花朵包圍。






Kyoto Kungyokudo  Incense Shop has 400 years of history: Japan's oldest incense shop, located in front of  Kyoto renowned temple Nishi Honganji.


Kitano's red plum X 1
• In Kitano in early spring, the noble red plum blossoms in the light snow.
A gorgeous fragrance that gives a hint of the coming spring.


Matcha of Uji X 1
• The beauty of Uji's tea plantations, with the striped pattern of tea trees extending all the way to the edge of the mountain.
The rich and rich matcha scent will give you a breather from your busy daily life.


Daigo no Sakura X 1
• When you walk on a row of cherry trees, you will be surrounded by flowers falling from the sky.
Strings of cherry blossoms are blooming one after another, which is a fresh and charming cherry blossom fragrance.




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紅梅、櫻花、抹茶線香套裝 Red Plum, Sakura, Matcha Incense Set Incense


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