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尺寸: 直徑 12.1 厘米 x 1.6 厘米
材料: 尿素樹脂
繪畫: 腰果漆



The main production area of Kishu lacquerware is located in the "Heijiang area" in the northwest of Hainan City, Wakayama County. Together with Aizu Paint (Fukushima Prefecture), Yamanaka Paint, Wajima Paint (Ishikawa Prefecture), etc., they are known as the three major lacquerware in Japan.


The base is painted with black lacquer, and then red lacquer is painted on top of the black lacquer. However, since the lacquerware is hand-made by monks who have not yet matured skills, the red lacquer on the surface is naturally worn off during use, revealing the bottomed lacquer everywhere. black paint. Instead, it is full of style and is deeply loved by people.


Size: Diameter 12.1cm x 1.6cm
Material: Urea resin
Painting: Cashew Paint
Production area: Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan (Kishu Lacquerware Origin)

Quantity: 1 Plate

【和歌山紀州漆器】黒 千鳥 茶托 (1個)【 Kishu Laquer Ware】Black Chidori Cup Plate (1 Piece)


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