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比起單次賺買便宜10% ,更抵飲!




包含30個散裝茶包或茶粉(No.12 紅富貴粉末綠茶)





Love tea, but too busy to buy tea bags?


【CHAFADO Monthly Tea Bag Subscription Plan】is made for you!


No need to go to the store or online purchase every month. Just choose from different tea varieties of CHAFADONo. 01-12, or keep a surprise and let us choose the right tea for you that suits the weather and season , and it will be automatically delivered to your office or your home every month!


It is 10% cheaper than a single purchase!


*Customers can cancel their order at any time.



Contains 30 loose leaf teabags or tea powder (No.12 Benefuuki Powdered Green Tea)


Made in Hong Kong 香港製造

*Plant Fiber pyramid tea bags 植物纖維三角茶包

【割引】椿華堂 每月茶包訂購企劃|【Sale】 CHAFADO Monthly Tea Bag Subscription

Price Options
椿華堂 每月茶包訂購企劃
Subscribe & Save 10%
HK$158.00every month until canceled