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  • 抹茶碗 X 1 (紫陽花茶碗或志野侘寂秋葉茶碗)
  • 萬古燒茶筅立 X 1 
  • 白竹茶杓 X 1
  • 奈良高山手製 翠華園:谷村彌三朗手造茶筅 X 1
  • 八女抹茶星夜30g X 1罐


Made in Japan 

Add some Kyoto moments in your home! Whisk your matcha, practise tea ceremony, have a deep breath, and get a sense of peacefulness with this matcha whisking set.


The Premium Matcha Whisking Set includes:

  • Matcha Bowl x 1 (Hydrangea bowl or Shino Autumn Leaf bowl)
  • Matcha Stand x 1 
  • White Bamboo Spoon  X 1 
  • Nara Takayama Handmade Matcha Whisk by Yasaburo (Chasen) x 1 
  • Yame Starry Night Matcha 30g X 1 Can



【全日本製】典雅抹茶套裝配星夜抹茶 【Made in Japan】Premium Matcha Whisking Set with Matcha

HK$1,380.00 Regular Price
HK$1,180.00Sale Price

    Free Shipping Over HK$280

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